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Membership Services

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    This is a new section of our site is being slowly implemented as it requires a lot of "back end" technical support.  When the section comes on-line, it will require sign-up and a UserID and password to edit pages in the area, but all pages will be readable and searchable by Internet users.

    We are working towards providing a content managed area for members.  This will allow members to be listed in a searchable area so they can post information about their talents and service.  These pages are designed to complement the "Where to Hire a Laser Show" section making it easy for show producers to locate laserists.
    Our plans also include a database of vendors and products to replace the old "resources directory" with an up-to-date listing of products and services available to laserists.  Members and vendors will be able to update their listings as new products and services become available or to reflect price and specification changes.

  Please check back form time to time to see how much progress we have made with this project.


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