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Our Logo

L. Michael Roberts


Laser Clip-art

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About Laser F/X - Our Logo

Laser F/X logo

    You will have noticed our logo displayed on this web site.  When we started Laser F/X international, we wanted a logo that would be recognizable and also that would show what we did.

   We chose the name Laser F/X because it was concise and descriptive of what we provided - laser special effects.  Back in the days before blanking was commonplace in laser systems, we wanted a logo that would reproduce well on an un-blanked laser projection system.

Old Laser F/X logo

The original Laser F/X logo

   Our first attempt is shown in the photo above with our name superimposed over a globe.  This image was made using an argon laser system with two scanner pairs, one for blue and one for green.  The images were projected onto a scrim (semi-transparent screen) and with smoke in the air, the image is seen as well as the beams creating the image.  The text was confusing as people thought our company name was Laser E/X!

Current Laser F/X logo

   With a little though and design work, we came up with the logo we are now using (shown above) which displays well on both blanked and un-blanked laser projection systems.  It consists of a stylized version of the international symbol for laser (the star shape on the left), joined to the letters F/X which conveys our company name and the service we provide.


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