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Laser Clip-art

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About Laser F/X - Laser Clip Art

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Dance Pack 1

    This collection, containing 334 frames of high quality 30K graphics, offers two long animations ideal for dances, parties, raves and clubs.  Animations are presented with animated .gif files to preview the content and style of the animation.
    You can purchase either the complete collection, or individual animations subject to a minimum order - see pricing at the bottom of the page.

Dance Pack 1 Clip Art Collection:

Name: Dancing baby
File Name: BoogieBaby50 Galvo Type: 30K
Number of frames: 50 Number of key frames: 50
Description: A diaper clad baby does a complex dance.  Designed to run at 12 FPS, this animation takes over 4 seconds to loop
Collection: Dance Pack 1
File Formats: FullAuto .FA3  Pangolin .lds  ILDA .ild
Individual price: $ 100.00 US$# Collection Price: See below
Name: Break dancer
File Name: Breaker48 Galvo Type: 30K
Number of frames: 48 Number of key frames: 48
Description: A stick figure break dancer on a flashing dance floor
Collection: Dance Pack 1
File Formats: FullAuto .FA3  Pangolin .lds  ILDA .ild
Individual price: $ 96.00 US$# Collection Price: See below
Name:  Glowstick girl
File Name:  GlowGurl284 Galvo Type: 30K
Number of frames:  284 Number of key frames:  284
Description:  Hand rotoscoped animation of a girl doing a complex dance with glowsticks.  This is designed to run at 15 FPS which gives an almost 19 second repeating loop - a very smooth and realistic animation.  About 2/3 of the points in each frame are concentrated in the glosticks so they are very bright and produce "trails" just like real glowsticks [even when projected with a single colour system].
Collection: Dance Pack 1
File Formats: FullAuto .FA3  Pangolin .lds  ILDA .ild
Individual price: $ 568.00 US$# Collection Price: See below


We use animated .gif files for previews but they are subject to some limitations: 

  • The speed of movement in the animated .gif files you see here is dependent on the processing power of the computer used to view them, thus they are not accurate representations of how the animation will look when projected with a laser system..  The laser frames can be adjusted in your graphics software to produce a playback speed suitable for your applications.

  • The animated gif files have been looped for continuous movement even though some animations may have been designed to only be run once, or to run once and have the last few frames looped.  This is to allow you to get a sense of the movement of the character(s) in the animation.  These parameters can be adjusted on playback in your laser graphics system to suit your needs.

  • Colours shown in the .gif animations will only be accurate when purchasing the animations in Pangolin or FullAuto formats due to the way in which laser animation files make use of palettes to reproduce colour.  If the colours do not appear correctly, you can adjust your graphics system to compensate.

# Note: Subject to minimum order of $50 US$ worth of animations


File Listing

Dance Pack 1 collection totals: 3 animations, 382 frames



  • The price for the Dance Pack 1 laser clip-art collection of 382 frames, sent to you as a .zip files by E-mail [please specify frame format desired]  - $ 325.00 US$

  • The price for the Dance Pack 1 laser clip-art collection of 382 frames, sent to you as a CD-ROM by express mail [please specify frame format desired] - $335.00 US$ + mailing at cost

  • Individual animations may be purchased in the format of your choice [please specify file name and format] at the prices shown above subject to a minimum order of $50 US$ worth of animations. 
    No charge for individual animation(s) delivery as a .zip file via E-mail.  Add $10.00 US$ to your order + mailing at cost [we can quote rates] if you want the individual animation(s) sent to you on CD-ROM

ORDERING:  Please contact us by E-mail to info<at>laserfx<dot>com or call 519-525-6344

NOTE: Be sure to read the terms and conditions below before ordering.

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Terms And Conditions

  • The laser clip art is for use in your productions/shows or club location ONLY and may not be re-sold, swapped, traded, lent, or otherwise provided to others without prior written permission.

  • If you wish to make use of some of the material in a show that will be sold, rented or otherwise distributed to others, please contact us for a re-distribution license.

  • You are entitled to make one (1) copy of the animations on CD-ROM or a different hard drive for archival [back-up] purposes only.

  • The prices shown above are for use on a single (1) system [or a single club location].  Just as you can't copy your scanners to make multiple projectors, you can't use our clip-art on multiple systems without permission.
    Additional system licenses for up to five (5) systems are 50% of the prices shown above. E.G.: If you have three systems and purchase the Dance Pack 1 collection, the price would be $325.00 US$ + $ 162.50 US$ for a total of $487.50 US$ to license the clip-art for use on up to 5 of your systems.  If you have more than five laser systems, or would like to resell animations to your clients, please contact us for details.

  • Some of the animations we provide look like popular cartoon characters.  Laser F/X does NOT provide any copyright clearance with the animations.  You must obtain any necessary copyright clearances that may be required in your own jurisdiction at your own expense - Laser F/X is not responsible or liable for any copyright issues.

  • Laser F/X makes no warranty as to the suitability of the clip art for any particular show or applications or any other warrantee of any kind. Our sole liability is limited to providing a replacement copy of any files that may be damaged in transmission to you. In the event that all you files are damaged by a hard drive crash or other data disaster, there will be a fee of 10% of the original fee [plus shipping] for a replacement copy of the collection(s).

  • The sale of the frames is subject to our Laser Clip-Art agreement which is much more detailed than the basic terms shown here.  You will be required to sign the agreement and send us a copy before delivery.  A copy is available on request by E-mail or can be downloaded as LaserClipArtAgreement.pdf.

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