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Laser Images Gallery - Videos

    Welcome to the net videos section of the laser image gallery.  Clicking on the thumbnail preview shown below will start the video downloading to your computer where you can play it back at your leisure [we do not offer streaming videos].

Copyright Notice: The still images and videos available in this gallery were contributed by the laserist who created them.  LaserFX.com only has permission to display the images in the gallery.  If you wish to make use of the images or videos for any purpose other than personal enjoyment, contact the image creator directly at the E-mail address given  for permission.

Creation Graphics show
creatn_2.mpeg - 7,139 KB

"Creation" graphics show - "Creation", 1995 Lightspeed Design Group
    This graphics show from Lightspeed Design Group won two first place awards in the 1996 ILDA Awards, as best graphics show and best animation sequence. It features hand-animated graphics, 3D objects, and abstracts (in the flower sequence). It also features the first use of raster graphics from standard laser projectors, an innovation which for which Lightspeed and Pangolin shared the 1996 third place ILDA Technology Achievement Award.
    Technical note: What you are seeing is being projected with one ILDA 30K-tuned scanner pair (an X and a Y galvanometer scanner). The multiple images seen in many parts of the video are a result of Pangolin's ability to easily multi-track the visuals. The animal at the very end (after the credits) is a pangolin!
For info contact mail@pangolin.com

Laser F/X @ the Shift Rave
LaserFX@ShiftLG.avi - 9,472 KB
"Laser F/X at Shift" beam show - 1999 Laser F/X International
    This beam show was taped at Phryl's 1999 "Shift" rave in Toronto.  There are static beam effects, cones, tunnels and sheets.  The static beam effects were triggered manually in time to the music while the scanned beam effects were originally created on a Pangolin LD system but played back at the show from ADAT tape.
    The system used was powered by a 1 watt air-cooled argon laser and a 1 watt water cooled krypton laser; the projector has 6 beam table positions, 2 grating positions and a scan head with PCAOM colour control.
For Info contact info<at>LaserFX<dot>com
Long Island Lasers Promo
LIlasersFX.wmv - 9,2220 KB
Promotional Video - 2002 by Long Island Lasers
    This is a video clip designed as a promotional piece to be placed on the company web site to give potential clients an idea of the company's capabilities.  It shows Long Island Lasers providing laser special effects for various events and clients and is set to an up-tempo dance music selection.
For info contact info@lilaser.net


Box Lasers Promo video
BoxLaser_promo.mov - 9,057KB

Promotional Video - 2003 by Box Laser Industries
Box Laser promo video. It has scenes from a few of our shows, showcasing our laser controller product and how a laser show can enhance an event.
For info contact dhopkins@megahits.com

   We are always looking for contributions of laser videos to the gallery.  Videos can be in any format although we prefer files under 10,000 KB to keep download times reasonable.  Send information about your video, file format, file size and what it contains to info<at>LaserFX<dot>com


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