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Laser Images Gallery - Catalogue

    Welcome to the laser image gallery.  Clicking on the thumbnails shown below loads the image.  To go back to the thumbnails page, click the Catalogue link to the left or the Catalogue button below the image.  You can also continue the circular tour of the stills gallery by clicking the previous or next buttons below the image on the page.


Copyright Notice: The still images and videos available in this gallery were contributed by the laserist who created them.  LaserFX.com only has permission to display the images in the gallery.  If you wish to make use of the images or videos for any purpose other than personal enjoyment, contact the image creator directly at the E-mail address given  for permission.

Laser F/X performing a scanned beam effect at the Sideshow rave Laser F/X performing a scanned beam effect at the Sideshow rave in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The system is use is a 4 watt argon laser with a 6 position beam table, 2 grating positions and a scan set with PCAOM colour control driven by X29 FullAuto software.
Photo by Julez [info<at>LaserFX<dot>com]
"the gospel of consumption" Made outside a small town, Nybro, in Sweden. The year was 1989 and I used one Spectra 168 krypton laser with three projectors, one for each colour. I made it in a forest, far away from people. The projection was made on a net hanging between trees.
Photo by Jan Kriland - jan.kriland@obscuramagica.se
Image from the "Chronology" show by LOBO
Image from the "Chronology" show by LOBO
Image from the "Chronology" show by LOBO
Three images from the "Chronology" show.  This laser show was created by LOBO of Germany to celebrate the turn of the millennium.  It takes the viewer on a journey from the dawn of history, through the primitive and middle ages, to the modern age of space flight in about 20 minutes.
Photos by LOBO - mail@lobo.de 
Laser sky projection This image was created by Paul Rosenberg of CTA lasers.  Paul Writes "There was a high fog bank mixed with 500-1,000 foot ceiling clouds passing over San Francisco which made a perfect projection screen. This event, was for the American Airlines Celebrity Ski Classic with stars such as Kenny G, Michael Bolton and Carole King skiing to raise money for charity. The laser was a Pythan by Cambridge Laser Labs, at least 10 watts, probably more, and I used X29, with an X-Y-I set of Selwyn Lissack's new pd500 optical feedback scanners."
Photo by Paul Rosenberg - dpchns@inreach.com
Analogue pattern This analog pattern was generated using both Pangolin's abstract generator and my own high-speed image rotation and blanking circuit. I used a Coherent purelight with prismatic coloring modulated through a Cambridge Technology scanner pair tuned at 40,000 points per second. I found that when using prismatic coloring, it doesn't hurt to place a couple of rotary solenoids in the color path so when actuated, they filter out any unwanted colors (in this case, all green wavelengths).
Photo by Ted Smith, Lasersmith Light Show Systems-  info@lasersmith.com
Multiple laser systems in use at the Ascension 2000 rave
Copper Vapour beam effects
Raving with lasers.  The top image shows multiple laser systems in use at the Ascension 2000 rave in Edmonton which featured Paul Oakenfold.  An argon laser system is rear projecting an animation of a rabbit dancing onto a scrim, while the beam from a copper vapour laser (bright green) moves above the dancers.  The Bottom image was shot from a corner of the stage and shows a fan of beams from the  5 watt Copper Vapour laser projecting out over the dancing crowd (note how visible the beams are despite the high light levels in the venue).
Photo by L. Michael Roberts - info<at>LaserFX<dot>com
Beams shining onto cheerleaders from Dr. Phillips High School The photo shows laser beams shining onto cheerleaders from Dr. Phillips High School ("Home of the Panthers") in Orlando and was created by Patrick Murphy as a "booster" photo for the cheerleading team.  Patrick writes, "The cheerleaders were very professional. They were able to keep consistent smiles and poses in each shot, as if they had modeling experience. It was sometimes hard to tell one shot from another, the poses were so consistent.
The photos were taken with a Kodak DC290 2-megapixel digital camera.  There was little retouching done to the photos.  The lasers actually looked like this in real life, although of course no photo can fully capture the dazzling, 3D quality of laser beam sculptures like these.  Thanks to Lighting Systems Design Inc. of Orlando, where the shoot took place in July 2000. Also, thanks to Doug McCullough who helped art direct the shoot." (Click here to see the original large images)
Photo by Patrick Murphy - pmurph5@attglobal.net
Ad for a dance production called "Out Of The Blue" The photo was the ad for a dance production called "Out Of The Blue" which we put on together with the Tnuatron Dance Group.  It featured only lasers and dancers.  It premiered in The Israel Festival of 1998. Choreography by Dorit Shimron.  We used an Argon which was mounted high and projected fans, tunnels, etc., towards the stage and a small-frame whitelight for graphics.  Both systems ran on Pangolin. The show was also on Israeli TV twice as well.
Photo by Yoram Goldhammer - laserani@mail.netvision.net.il
Berlin Millennium show New Years Eve 1999/2000 Berlin Millennium show New Years Eve 1999/2000.  Created by LOBO under difficult circumstances that required no interference with the Brandenburg Gate which is a national monument and was the backdrop of the show.  Alex writes "Basically we were using a central 57 Watts whitelight system basing on our Laser Truck principle plus two lateral satellite systems with 5.5 Watts white light for some special effects. For the projection, we made use of a central rectangular Water Screen with a size of 20x12 meters. The water was heated to avoid freezing."
Photo by LOBO - mail@lobo.de
"Yuri's Night 2002" Second Annual World Space Party "Yuri's Night 2002". This was a world wide party held in 121 locations scattered throughout 45 nations on 7 continents and was webcast live. We used a 2.5 Watt Yag (Laser Power/Melles Griot) Mobolazer "Big G" beam projector with a Mobolazer GFX graphics system containing Cambridge XYZ 6210's, and the famous Machida Grating mixed in with Pangolin Graphics. This photo shows the party that was held at the Museum of Flying Art in Santa Monica, CA, USA.
Photo courtesy of: Adrian (Aj) Moussa - aj@newaje.com
Malta Techno Party
Malta Techno Party with Spectre Lasers
Spectre Lasers produced these beam effects as part of a show at one of Malta's largest annual outdoor techno parties. It featured several top names such as Carl Cox, Dave Clarke and Billy Moore. The laser was an ALC 909 6 watt argon scanning beams from over the DJ stand.  The "parallel ray" effect in the bottom picture was obtained by using a wide angle lens from a few meters to the front of the laser source. 
Photo by Alex Magri - magralex@maltanet.net

Laser Fantasy @ E3 show

Paul Torgeson, Senior Designer at Laser Fantasy International, accented Nintendos booth at the 2002 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) show with laser graphics from an Infinity YAG 1000 Laser System. The portable 3 watt I-1000 was used to enhance Nintendo's unveiling of their latest products. LFI projected animations of the GameCube and GameBoy Advance as well as imagery of Mario, Pokemon and Donkey Kong in the 8 minute show loop.
Photo courtesy of Laser Fantasy International - info@laserfantasy.com
Timothy Jones photo 1
Timothy Jones photo 2
Timothy Jones writes "These are pictures of my second successful laser projector, built for a party a couple years ago. Two G124 scanners were used with a 100 mW DPSS laser and electronic blanking, and a home-built analog pattern generator. For most of the shots, the pattern was generated by driving two bandpass filters with a square wave (one for x and the other for y) and then feeding the result into an arbitrary rotation circuit running at audio frequencies. The projection was made onto a scrim suspended inside a 10 meter geodesic dome made out of aluminum electrical conduit and black plastic, with blue LED's at each vertex.
Photos by Timothy Jones - timothyj@its.caltech.edu
Photos by Peter Ranson
Photos by Peter Ranson
Peter Ranson of Laser Attraction in the UK provided these pictures.  He writes:
Upper - This is a picture that we took at a rave we did October 2002 in London, UK using 3 DPSS lasers. 
Lower - This picture was taken at another rave that we did March 2003 in Nottingham using 2 DPSS lasers and an Argon laser. 

Photos by Peter Ranson - PRanson@AlternativeNetworks.com
Photo by Neo Yang
Photo by Neo Yang
Neo Neon Laser Demo room beam shows - Heshan, China.
These photos are are various parts of a beam show in the demonstration room of Neo Neon, a major manufacturer of lighting and laser systems in China.  There are 16 projectors, some DPSS green only and others are full colour DPSS systems, used in the show - all controlled by a Pangolin system.
Photo by Neo Yang
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