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Laser Images Gallery

 The mirror of "the Gospel of Consumption"
Made outside a small town, Nybro, in Sweden. The year was 1989 and I used one Spectra 168 krypton laser with three projectors, one for each colour. I made it in a forest, far away from people. The projection was made on a net hanging between trees.
My purpose, at that time, was to make an imagine of Christmas from the roots of man, with the mirror of "the Gospel of Consumption" hanging around. However, all the pictures taken at that time didn't work because of not sufficient ambient light. The trees is not seen at all. But, it was a good try.
My purpose, at this time: It shows more and more the false expanding world of making "The gospel of consumption" more important than man.  Buy a Christmas, buy a Car, buy a Partner, Bye, bye.

Photo by Jan Kriland - jan.kriland@obscuramagica.se
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