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Laser Images Gallery

Photos by Peter Ranson

Photos by Peter Ranson

Peter Ranson of Laser Attraction in the UK provided these pictures.  He writes:
Upper - This is a picture that we took at a rave we did October 2002 in London, UK. It comprises of two mirrored 5w DPSS lasers, running pangolin, and a 3rd 3w Melees Griot laser in the centre primarily used for beams, target mirrors, and graphics onto a screen under the balcony (which is out of sight) This was also controlled via pangolin. The crowd beneath the beams was approximately 5,000.
Lower - This picture was taken at another rave that we did March 2003 in Nottingham. It features once again, two mirrored 5w DPSS lasers, running pangolin, but in the centre we have replaced the 3w Meles Griot, with a 30w Coherent Sky Light. Although the max output power of the tube is 30w, we only ran it at 10w. The centre laser was used for aerial effects, and beams. The venue was the National Ice Arena, and we played to a crowd of approximately 8,000.
Photos by Peter Ranson - PRanson@AlternativeNetworks.com
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