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About Laser F/X - Introduction

Laser F/X logo

       Laser F/X International was founded in 1976 by L. Michael Roberts who was attracted to the ethereal beauty and vivid colours produced by lasers.

    Starting out with an argon laser and some open loop scanners, we provided services for rock bands, special events and corporate theatre.  The laser systems have been continuously improved with the incorporation of new technology as it became available.  This technology and artistic talent has allowed Laser F/X to score an impressive number of firsts:

  • The first Canadian laser display company
  • First Canadian laser company to tour with major rock acts
  • First laserist to perform for Queen Elizabeth II
  • First with animated laser graphics in Canada
  • Originators of the Laser Dance Party
  • First Canadian laser company and laserist to win ILDA awards
  • Only Canadian to win the prestigious ILDA Career Achievement Award

    Laser F/X is the pioneering laser display company in Canada with a 25 year record of providing exciting shows to our clients.  We are very proud of originating the the Laser Dance Party and have given thousands of performances internationally.  We now not only provided lasers, but also designed and choreographed the lighting at raves and dance parties, and provided production management services for some of these events.

Laser F/X equipment in use at the Black & Blue Party

    The role of Laser F/X has been changing over the last few years.  When we originated the world's first Laser Clip Art catalogue, we added some editorial content which proved popular.  This grew into the Laser Effects quarterly newsletter, predecessor to the on-line Laser F/X Newsletter. The newsletter rapidly grew and involved us in consulting and design work for manufacturers and publishing of our annual resources directory.
    We sensed the great need for information within the laser display community and the many hobbyists who are attracted to laser shows.  With the advent of the readily available Internet, we decided to move into cyberspace where we could serve a larger audience at no cost to our subscribers.
    To meet the need for information exchange and networking, we started Laser F/X: The Light Show conference [held every May] which is the world's first open conference (anyone could attend) and trade show for Laserists. We also publish Laser F/X: The Light Show Handbook the world's first detailed technical manual on laser displays.

    Laser F/X is now the foremost provider of information and resources on laser shows and displays through the www.LaserFX.com site. Our public area provides valuable information on laser shows and how they work in easy to understand language. Our Backstage area provides an on-line newsletter, resources, technical archives, and other services to laserists and laser hobbyists world wide. 
    We will continue to provide occasional to this site. If you have any questions or suggestions for improvements, please feel free to E-mail us at the address below.

NOTE:  L. Michael Roberts is now semi-retired from the laser display business as he has accepted a position as Director Of Research for an R&D company in Goderich, Ontario.  He still performs the occasional laser show, mostly for non-profit and charitable organizations.

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