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Marketing to Laserists with www.LaserFX.com

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   www.LaserFX.com is the premier web site for industry professionals, laserists, laser owners and operators, laser experimenters and hobbyists, students and the general public seeking information about laser light shows.

We offer a host of laser show information; to the general public through the LaserFX.com domain, and to laser show professionals, laser experimenters and hobbyists through the Backstage area at Backstage.LaserFX.com. We offer you an opportunity to market your products and services directly to this global multi-million dollar industry - including show producers seeking laser companies for their events.
    We are currently averaging 800+ hits a day and 6000+ request a day; with the average visitor in the main section requesting 2.15 pages and the average visitor to the Backstage area requesting 3.7 pages.


Advertise on Our Site

    You will note that we have signed up with Google to place advertisements on our site.  There is a space for a 728 X 90 pixel Leaderboard graphics ad at the top right of the pages - this is sometimes displayed as text ads in a box when no relevant graphics ads are available.  We also have a 120 X 240 pixel Text only ads advertisement space on the left side of almost all of the pages below the navigation buttons.  You can contact Google to place your advertisements and you can target them specifically at our web site.


Page Sponsorship

  We can place your 728 X 90 banner ad (animated or static) on a specific page or pages.  Sorry, we no longer offer random banner ads.  If you would like to sponsor a specific page or pages, please contact us by Email to discuss your request and advertising plans.  Rate for advertising are flexible and would depend on the number of pages you wish to sponsor



   We offer FREE advertising buttons, which can replace the text boxes on the left below the navigation buttons on a page of your choice, for industry associations and non-profit groups on a link exchange basis. Please contact us by E-mail to make arrangements.  We reserve the right to reject requests from non-profit groups who's message is not in keeping with the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, or not relevant to users of this web site.


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