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Laser F/X On-line Newsletter - Virtual Visits

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A Virtual Visit to MDG Fog & Smoke

MDG logo


    Located in the cosmopolitan metropolis of Montreal, Canada; MDG Fog & Smoke are world leaders in providing hazers for entertainment applications. They have been manufacturing a complete line of the most reliable and durable fog and haze generators for entertainment and the industrial market since 1980.  Company president Marc Gingras was kind enough to take time out of his busy schedule to give us a personally guided tour of the factory.

Marc Gingras in his office

Manon Grenier office manager

President and CEO Marc Gingras in his office. Manon Grenier office manager and friendly voice of customer service.

   MDG began by building and selling smoke machines for industrial and training applications.  Plumbers use them in new buildings by blocking drain pipes and then pumping then full of smoke to search for any leaks.  The machines were also very popular with fire departments and the military for use in crisis training applications.  The entertainment industry soon discovered that the MDG hazers produced a superior haze with long hang times which was ideal for use in lighting applications and of course with laser shows.
    MDG still sells lots of smoke machines for industrial and military applications but has developed special products that appeal to the entertainment market.  The very popular atmospheres machines can run unattended for long periods of times generating an almost invisible haze that enchases lasers.  MDG has also designed and developed special microprocessor controlled models with extra large fluid tanks and sensors that are used in theme park attractions where a consistent haze must be maintained by automated equipment.
  The MDG factory in Montreal is spread over three levels with administrative offices upstairs, the main factory floor with adjacent electronics shop, engineering office with CAD station and the assembly line; and a lower lever where fluid is prepared as well as the test chambers and an area where the larger machines are constructed and road cases assembled for them before they reach the shipping dock.

The electronics design and testing shop

Completed control electronics ate tested on one corner of the factory floor

The electronics design and prototyping shop where constant improvements are being made to the control systems. Completed control electronics ate tested on one corner of the factory floor and then assembled with wiring into sub-assemblies.

The main line at the MDG factory

The main line at the MDG factory.  The machines are built using modern assembly line techniques.

After each machine is assembled, it is put on test in a special testing area

After each machine is assembled, it is put on test in a special testing area that is essentially a room-sized funnel that has a very large fan attached to a smoke stack.  Marc assures me that the neighbors are used to seeing large clouds of smoke billowing out of the chimney!

Marc demonstrates some of the features of one of the automated theme park haze systems

Marc demonstrates some of the features of one of the automated theme park haze systems which is under test prior to shipment.  The system allows for unattended operating with a computer controlled consistent level of haze and no re-fills for a week or more.

MDG provides a complete range of hazers for the Entertainment industry, Amusement Parks and Attractions, Special Effects for films, Television Studios and Theatres, and laser displays.  They have systems capable of hazing anything from a small hall to a giant stadium.  All of the newer machines offer an Automatic Purging System [APS] that insures the heating chamber remains clean and have options such as DMX or timer control.
The very fine particulate produced by the MDG machines has very long "hang time" and is ideal for use with laser systems of any power level. For a discussion of the merits of hazers Vs. Smoke machines, see http://www.laserfx.com/Backstage.LaserFX.com/Systems/Support1.html

Info:  MDG Fog Generators Ltd., 5639 Christophe-Colomb, Montreal, Qc, Canada H2S 2E8
Tel: 514 272-6040 / 800 663-3020 Fax: 514 722-3229
E-mail: info@mdgfog.com
Web: http://www.mdgfog.com/


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