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Third quarter 1999 to Fourth quarter 2000

Due to a disk crash, we have lost much of the material that was posted during this time period. This page covers what we were able to recover.

NOTE: Links on destination sites are often changed.  We provide the digest pages for archival purposes and the links to external sites were working when the material was originally published but may no longer be working.

What's New

New products and services of interest to laserists. Submit your new product information and images in .gif or .jpg format to our E-mail or contact us.

MediaLas announces award winning VST

VST is the new hot tool for Pangolinīs Lasershow-Designer. For the first time in the history of laser entertainment, VST offers real-time video tracing at an affordable price. Up to 30 times per second, VST is able to vectorize any existing bitmap stream, coming from a camera, a movie file, a TV-tuner or a video recorder into laser frames and display it at the same time in lasers over the QM32 or QM2000.
The delay between object and laser animation is less than a 10th of a second! Tracing parameters can be changed via sliders, also size and speed of the output. Even in bad light conditions, there are acceptable tracing results.
The optimum configuration for using VST is a single colour, dark background and a bright object, or inverse. The better the contrast, the better the results. But VST can do more for you. Due to the adjustable separation, there can be even parts traced inside the picture. Use every existing source as a video stream. Video camera, movie files, MPEG, AVI, TV-tuner or video recorder.

Info: info@medialas.com

TomCat LD differential and opto isolator board from SpectraScan

Our new TomCat board is an important low cost addition to all Pangolin LD systems. TomCat provides strong clean differential signals to insure sharp noise-free scanned graphics. Differential signals are the only way to survive noisy electrical environments as found in corporate promotion stage settings and club lighting systems. Drive signals can be used on long signal feeds -- tested in systems at over 100 feet! TomCat saves your QuadMod32 board from blown components that nearly always result from accessing the TTL signals without opto-isolation.
Interfacing between your QuadMod32 board (or other signal source) and your projector or scanhead, this board provides differential signals: X, Y, 6 Colours, and blanking, from the standard single-ended +-5V and 0-5V signals of the QuadMod32.
It also provides the vitally necessary opto-isolation outputs for the 16 TTL signals on the QuadMod32. You can access them as isolated TTL or amplified 0-10V signals for direct use on projectors. The board accepts standard DB25's so it is easy to interface to the two QuadMod32 output connectors. TomCat has two outputs: ILDA standard DB25 scan signals and DB25 isolated TTL lines.

INFO: info@lasershs.com

CT- MicroAmp from MediaLas

MediaLas is proud to announce their latest product, a sub-miniature driver for CTI-galvos. The driver is extremely small and can drive all 6800 and 6210s. In combination with the 6210, you are able build the smallest laser projector in the world !

Very fast single channel driver (two MicroAmps are required for an X-Y pair)for CTīs 6800HP or the new 6210. New design with extremely small dimensions and great reliability. Speed up to 60.000pps (45.000pps with 6800 at 8°, approx. 60.000pps with 6210 at 4°). Power requirements: 2 x 20-30V DC at < 2A. Adjustments for image size, invert etc. Fully symmetrical inputs work with the ILDA db25 balanced line standard, isolated from heatsink. Highly integrated SMT-Electronics. All inputs and outputs are on one connector. Dimensions: Single driver only 50 x 63 x 30mm.

INFO: info@medialas.com - WEB: http://www.showlaser.com/english/index_english.html

New software - graphic editor for laser shows "ANARCHY"

Anarchy Editor opens a new branch of laser software. This is a hardware-independent, easy-to-use, true 3D editor for creating high-quality laser images.
Since this editor is hardware-independent, you can use it with any laser system not only on a computer with laser hardware installed, but, for example, on notebook of at home, or in your client's office to discuss details of the client's logo with a live example on the screen of your notebook.
Creation of 3D images become a game with Anarchy Editor. You have all 3 views (Top, Front and Side) of your creation, and additional 3D view to see how it looks like in reality from different views by rotating objects in real time with your mouse. You can draw on all 3 views at the same time, like in professional CAD systems.
The True Type fonts support allows user to create drawings with ANY text in ANY language, from Arabic to Hebrew. This feature breaks the monopoly of English on laser screens. Now you just switch your keyboard to your native layout and type words in the drawing window as you do it in a word processor. All the richness of True Type fonts are available to you.
There is no problem with localisation of Anarchy Editor. You have a file with all the texts for buttons, if you want to have a local version of Anarchy Editor - just translate the button texts in this file and Anarchy Editor will begin to speak in your native language.

INFO: laseraction@glasnet.ru WEB: http://www.glasnet.ru/~laseraction/Anarchy.html

Spectronika introduces low cost, high power CV laser

Spectronika (Bulgaria) manufactures low cost, air-cooled, rugged copper vapour lasers ideal for clubs and outdoor events. The pulsed Copper Vapour laser features single unit construction with tube and power supply in one unit and has a MSRP of $7,000 US$ (ex-works).
The laser runs for 800 hours before a simple low cost tube replacement is required. Replacement tubes cost $1,650 US$ (ex-works) and it is takes only 4-5 hours for tube replacement.
The air cooled laser produces emerald green at 510 nm and golden yellow at 578 nm from a single phase, 220 volt, 7.5 amp power source - the laser can be run from a 16 Amp 110 VAC outlet with a suitable auto-transformer.
Copper vapour lasers have a brightness factor of 2 which means that the 5 watt laser appears as bright to the eye as a 10 watt Argon laser. The picture at the left, taken at 6 am when the sky was light and using no smoke, shows just how bright the laser appears!
Spectronika CVL 5W Laser Specifications:
  • Laser output power - 5 watts
  • Laser wavelength - 510/578 nm
  • Pulse frequency - 20 kHz
  • Green/yellow(gold) ratio - 1.4/1
  • Beam diameter - 14 mm
  • Divergence - 1.8 mrad
  • Readiness time to full power output - 10 min
  • Cooling - air
  • Power supply - (220V/ 50Hz ,+/-5%) 1.2 kW
  • Weight - 45 Kg
  • Integrated laser head and power supply dimensions - 220 x 370 x 1080 mm
  • Laser tube minimum life time - 800 hours

CAUTION: Due to the pulsed nature of this laser, it is NOT suitable for audience scanning

World Scan

Laser display happenings from around the world. If you would like your show, event or installation information published here, please E-mail or contact us

Laser Power Sells Microlaser to Melles Griot

December 1999: Laser Power Corp. (San Diego), manufacturers of the popular small YAG lasers has sold its microlaser business to Melles Griot Inc. The business will be folded in to the Melles Griot Laser Group Division (Carlsbad, CA) at the Carlsbad facility.
Laser Power technology's Dean Hodges will be making the move to Melles Griot, as director of business development. The company has also carried over about 17 employees from engineering, operations, and manufacturing. Melles Griot says it is going to target the display, medical, semiconductor, and entertainment markets.

1999 Pangolin Prize Winners

The 1999 Pangolin Prize competition was held at the Contemporary Hotel, Walt Disney World, Orlando Florida, on November 20 1999. Twelve entries were judged by attendees of the Pangolin Meeting nine graphics shows and three beam shows. The competition was very strong, with nine entries being from large companies and three from smaller organisations or individuals.

Congratulations to the following winners

FIRST PLACE ($1000) - "Purple People Eater" graphics show, Brevard Community College Planetarium. Programmer, Mark Howard; animation, Joe Tucciarone.

SECOND PLACE ($500) - "1999" graphics show, Laser Fantasy International. Programmer, Linda Fullerton; animators, Lou Patnode and Che Lopez.

THIRD PLACE ($250) - "Paradise" beam show, DTL Lasertechnology. Show and music programmer, Harry deBoer.

HONORABLE MENTION - "Striptease" graphics show, MediaLas Germany. Programmer, Dirk Baur; technical assistance, Thomas Korbowski; models, Heike and Angie.

Laserists Wed

In Stockholm Sweden, November 13, was a wonderful sunny day for the wedding of Adela Lopez-Bago and Jan Kriland in a private ceremony.
Adela, formerly of Diseno Laser in Mexico City, and Jan Kriland of AB Obscura Magica Productions in Stockholm, first met at the Laser F/X '99 conference in Burlington in May of this year and romance bloomed!
Adela and Jan Kriland will now be living and working together in Stockholm

tarm's Martin Weiffen Dead

Martin Weiffen studied electrical engineering and first visited tarm as a student doing a practical work assignment. He was so attracted to lasers that he became an employee at tarm SLL Technik GmbH in 1988.
He brought new ideas and new engineering techniques to the company and was responsible for the co-invention of the "Vario", "Vision" and "Jester" system lines.
He was always fascinated by exploring new technologies and ideas and helped to build co-operative relationships with leading firms and suppliers.

He was a good friend to everybody in the tarm company and he was respected for his wide knowledge and his innovative ideas. His sudden and unexpected death has created a big gap in tarm which is very hard fill. He will be missed by his co-workers and family.

Safety of Laser Outdoors course - NEW DATE

For many years, Rockwell Laser Industries has been pleased to offer a safety course specifically for the outdoor laser community.  This years course, scheduled for October 20-22 in Orlando, has been rescheduled for April 10-12, 2000, also in Orlando.  We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. 
We look forward to providing another quality course in April.  Greg Makhov, a member of ILDA, is the primary instructor for the course.  There are several other contributors to the course, many of whom are members of the SAE G-10 committee.
If you have any questions about the particulars of the course, please feel free to contact me, Michele Garvey, Training Co-ordinator, Rockwell Laser Industries.

INFO: rlimeg@aol.com TEL: 1-800-945-2737 or (513) 271-1568


You are invited to present a new product or interesting technology at the upcoming Advanced Technology Workshop of the International Laser Display Association (ILDA).
This invitation is extended to manufacturers of laser or lightshow related products, research labs with innovative ideas for laser or lightshow related technologies and other individuals who wish to assess the applicability of non-laser related technologies to the field of laser display.
The Advanced Technology Workshop, now in its eighth year, is a forum for technology development as well as a showcase of new products. Vital laser display products are developed and commercialised at the ATW, where technology and product manufacturers come together with laser display industry developers. Manufacturers can perform market-wide research and determine key direction and parameters, and ILDA members can learn about the latest technology developments.
Paper presentations are typically 10 to 30 minutes in length. New product and interesting technology presentations are typically 5 to 15 minutes in length. There is an additional 3 to 5 minutes given for questions.

INFO: William_Benner@email.msn.com

10,000 years in 10 minutes
LOBO prepares for the millennium with the mega spectacle "Chronology"

At this yearsīs Pro Light & Sound fair in Frankfurt, the German laser specialists LOBO, from Aalen, created a sensation by presenting a mega-spectacle for the millennium. Due to the enormous run on the usual hourly show the presentation frequency had to be doubled. This shows that LOBO once again met with content and style the pulse of times.
Minutes before, a countdown announced in large bright letters the beginning of the show named "Chronology". Suddenly the spectator starts their speedy journey through space and time.

Beginning with the caves of Lascaux via Bronze and Megalith Age, the Old Egypt, Babylon and China the spectator finally arrives within the time of Christ Anno Domini as the starting point of our calendar. We keep passing through the Vicking Age, knight revolutions, the time of conquerors and inventors up to the present.
Parallel to the central laser projection, a wheel of time turns on a separate projection surface.

The wheel presents any epoch by an appropriate symbol and a continuously changing representing the corresponding time. The story within the story is hosted by a person symbolically reflecting the change of generations with his journey through time accompanied from birth until death passing his knowledge on to the next generation. Besides divers impressive effects, this show is captivating as the laser production has uncommon emotional depth.
Creator of the Millennium Show is LOBO's Art-Director Alex Hennig "At the millenniumīs turn many of our clients are planning to purchase a new laser system and divers interesting rental jobs lie ahead. Due to this, we decided quite some time ago to create a custom made spectacle especially for our international clientele, not only corresponding to the theme but meeting with the sophistication of the occasion. The show is laid-out in such a way, that it is possible to individualize it to the very specific requirements of each customer without spending a fortune. Furthermore, the subject matter of the show is structured in a way that it basically can not lose its relevance to the present."

"Chronology" mainly consists of classical cell animations, which means, that 4.800 distinct drawings merged into each other. Just as an example for the nearly 3 minute long non-stop-animation of the time wheel 1.600  single cells had to be drawn.
The production of this show had to be a logistical master piece and had to be organized similar to a movie production. To ensure the historical integrity of the show, a historian consulted with the team during the design process.
As there was only 3 months time from working out the storyboard up to accomplishing the show, an international team of ten German, English and Hungarian  cell animators, composers and show designers had been working in three production studios practically non-stop up to the inauguration of the music fair.

Info: hennig@lobo.de Web: http://www.Lobo.de

DISCLAIMER: Some of the information in the Backstage area is provided by the persons or companies named on the relevant page(s). Laser F/X does NOT endorse or recommend any products/services and is NOT responsible for the technical accuracy of the information provided.  We provide this information as a service to laserists using the Backstage area. 

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