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Laser Images Gallery

 Laser sky projection by CTA lasers
This image was created by Paul Rosenberg of CTA lasers.  This is an unusual image since the logo is only visible to spectators in a small area around the laser projector - outside of that zone, the effect appears as laser light glowing in the clouds or fog and the logo is not legible and one can never predict if suitable clouds or fog will be available at a given location on the show day.
Paul Writes "I had a lucky break as there was a high fog bank mixed with 500-1,000 foot ceiling clouds passing over San Francisco which made a perfect projection screen. This event, was for the American Airlines Celebrity Ski Classic with stars such as Kenny G, Michael Bolton and Carole King skiing to raise money for charity. The laser was a Pythan by Cambridge Laser Labs, at least 10 watts, probably more, and I used X29, with an X-Y-I set of Selwyn Lissack's new pd500 optical feedback scanners."

Photo by Paul Rosenberg - dpchns@inreach.com
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