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Laser Show Discussions


    This area provides links to laser related discussion boards that may be of interest to laserists and laser hobbyists.

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Off-site links to Laser Forums and Newsgroups

There are a number of other forums, bulletin boards and newsgroups that would be of interest to laserists.  Here are some selected forums:

  • Alt.lasers - The USEnet discussion board for everything and anything related to lasers.  Discussions vary from scientific principals and theories, to the details of constructing your own lasers, to laser cutting equipment, to laser light show topics [and a few off topic posts as well]. 
    This forum is accessible through a web based interface at Google groups.

  • Sci.optics - The USEnet discussion board for optics and optical phenomena.  There is infrequent discussion of lasers in this forum as they are usually cross posted to alt.lasers.
    This forum is accessible through a web based interface at Google groups

  • ILDA Forums - The International Laser Display Association runs web based forums. These are moderated forums for the discussion of topics related to laser shows and displays. There are three main sets of ILDA Forums:

Public forums -- Visible to everyone. Anyone can read and post topics.
ILDA Member forums -- Visible to everyone, but only current ILDA Members can read and post topics.
ILDA Private forums -- Visible only to Board and Committee members. These are for internal discussions of the Board and Committee members

  • Laser Chat - A web based discussion group run by Pangolin Laser Software.  The focus is on Pangolin systems and products although general posts on laser light show topics are also welcome.

  • http://www.laserfreak.net/ - A web site with chat and message boards almost all in German.


DISCLAIMER: Some of the information in the Backstage area is provided by the persons or companies named on the relevant page(s). Laser F/X does NOT endorse or recommend any products/services and is NOT responsible for the technical accuracy of the information provided.  We provide this information as a service to laserists using the Backstage area.

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