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Laserists from around the world gathered at the Burlington Holiday Inn, Ontario Canada from May 29-31 for the fifth annual Laser F/X light show conference.

Report compiled and edited by L. Michael Roberts. With contributions from Bob Ash (New Method Lasers), John Faith (Mr. Faiths Sound & Lighting), Patrick Murphy (Pangolin Laser Systems) and Frank Plughoff (Full Spectrum Lasers).


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There were a number of events for laserists to attend beginning on Saturday morning though the conference started unofficially on Thursday evening at the Laser F/X studio. Here is a brief summary of events with quick links below to pages containing more details.


Spectronika 5-watt copper vapour Thursday, May 27 1999

The conference was not due to kick off until Saturday morning but laserists started to drop into the Laser F/X studio on Thursday evening to visit. Lots of beer and chatting about lasers and laser related things.
Naturally we had to do tests on our new toy, a Spectronika 5-watt copper vapour laser, shipped over for demonstration at the conference. Early arrivals were anxious to get a sneak preview of the laser. We ran it for a few hours to make sure it was working properly for the big demo at the Open House on Saturday night.
We set it up in the loading bay of the studio and terminated the beam on some pipes stacked in the lot next door. The picture on the left was taken at around 06:00 in the morning when the sky was getting light and a flash was used to pick up the laser equipment in the foreground. Even without smoke in the air, the beam was plainly visible! This is one bright laser!!


Friday, May 28 1999

More laserists started to arrive at our studio. We put them to work on the traditional Friday night job of organising the conference.

Conference preparations


Pangolin school Saturday, May 29 1999

The first event was the Pangolin School, with Patrick Murphy and Hayden Hale. There were two sessions, beginner/intermediate in the morning, and intermediate/advanced in the afternoon.
In the evening Michael Roberts welcomed laserists to his studio for a home-cooked meal. The weather was wonderfully warm and clear so most of the laserists gravitated out to the parking lot to network and enjoy refreshments outdoors.


Sunday, May 30 1999

The Trade Show opened at 10:00 allowing conference participants to see and try the newest products and equipment as well as shop for bargains.
In the evening, the fifth annual edition of the Brewster Awards kicked off with a magnificent banquet followed by judging of the entries in the graphics and beam categories.

Trade Show


Seminar Monday, May 31 1999

The seminars kicked off after breakfast with the What's New session highlighting the technical aspects of the new products available to laserists.
That evening the LaserFest had guest laserist Jan Kriland presenting a selection of his works followed by the playback of a variety of laser shows from ADAT.


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Links - Quick Links to Report Pages

In order to present as many pictures as possible, we have broken this special report down into a number of pages to speed access. Most of these are large pages with many images so please be patient while they download.

Laser F/X '99 Report - Introduction and background
Friday 28 May - Behind the scenes and the crew
Saturday 29 May - Pangolin School and Open House
Sunday 30 May - Trade Show - Trade Show info and pictures
Sunday 30 May - Brewster Awards - The Banquet and entries
Monday 31 May - Seminars and LaserFest
Scanner Wars - Faster than 30K scanners debut at Laser F/X '99
Candid Camera - A selection of 20 photos (very large page)


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