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Standards and Practices


    Standards help laserists and the industry by insuring compatibility and interoperability between components and systems.  Practices are methods of doing things that simplify operations or save time and effort.

   Practices are ideas and methodologies that are in use in the industry but which have no official sanction and are not entrenched in a recognized standard. They are presented here as information that many have contributed to this web site.  There is no consensus on these practices, and it is not required that laserists adhere to these practices in order for systems to work together.


Multiple shows/modules on a single ADAT tape

  It is not always convenient, and it certainly is not cost effective to record each show or module onto it's own ADAT tape.  This is especially the case if you wish to archive a number of shows onto a single ADAT tape and still access them quickly.  One could have an index with start and end times printed on the label, but when accessing shows on multiple tapes for client demos, it is inconvenient and time consuming to be shuttling tapes looking for time indexes.
  One method to eliminate this problem is to adopt the practice set out below.  By recording tapes containing multiple shows using this practice, one can program the memory keys on the ADAT to one set of start times and conveniently find shows - on a single tape, or across multiple tapes.  This practice arose as we discovered the tape shuttling problem at the Brewster Awards shows.  Adopting this tape layout practice, solved the problem.

01:00 - 02:00 ILDA test pattern at full deflection and brightness
02:00 - 04:00 Optional user test patterns and logos
04:00 - 05:00 Blank
05:00 - 14:30 Start: First show/module [9.5 minutes max]
15:00 - 24:30 Start: Second show/module [9.5 minutes max]
25:00 - 44:30 Start: Third show/module [19.5 minutes max]
45:00 - End Start: Fourth show/module [max length determined by tape type]

We welcome contributions to the practices pages, where they can be discussed, scrutinized and modified to meet the needs of laserists. Send your ideas and suggestions, as well as your constructive comments, to our E-mail.


DISCLAIMER: Some of the information in the Backstage area is provided by the persons or companies named on the relevant page(s). Laser F/X does NOT endorse or recommend any products/services and is NOT responsible for the technical accuracy of the information provided.  We provide this information as a service to laserists using the Backstage area. 

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