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Laser Show Systems - Support Equipment

    Support equipment such as power distribution, water systems, scaffolding, smoke machines, hazers, remote controlled mirrors, show storage systems and other outboard effects play a major role in show production.  This section is devoted covering this type of equipment. 

Backstage at a major laser show
Backstage at a major laser show.  Not only are the lasers involved, but lighting controllers, sound equipment, water and power distribution and hazers - Photo courtesy of FFP Lasers

  • Smoke machines Vs. Hazers - There are a variety of smoke machines and hazers available on the market.  What are the advantages and disadvantages of the two types? Which is best for laser shows?  This article attempts to provide answers based on both theory and field experience.

  • Regulating Laser Water Supply In a Club Installation - Water cooled lasers require a proper supply of clean, pressure regulated water for correct operation. A two stage water regulation installation in a club with water pressure problems is described and diagrammed.

  • ADAT playback with DMX capability - ADAT technology offers the single best way to store and reproduce laser shows. With the addition of DMX recording to the ADAT, it is now possible to record all of the elements of a show including beam effects, scan-through effects, lumia and even have house light, smoke machine and other outboard device control.

  • Basic Water Works - It is desirable to have basic pressure control and filtering of water fed to laser systems.  This article describes a basic water works.



Links to other selected web pages or articles of interest.

  • DMX Seminar Handout - Bill Benner's handout on DMX and how it works from the Laser F/X 2000 conference.

  • About DMX 512 - The communications standard "DMX512" covers digital multiplexed signals. It is the most common communications standard used by lighting and related stage equipment.

DISCLAIMER: Some of the information in the Backstage area is provided by the persons or companies named on the relevant page(s). Laser F/X does NOT endorse or recommend any products/services and is NOT responsible for the technical accuracy of the information provided.  We provide this information as a service to laserists using the Backstage area. 

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